What was the North Carolina Coalition for a Moratorium?

NCCM is now operating as the NC Coalition for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

Visit their site here: https://nccadp.org/

The North Carolina Coalition for a Moratorium office is based in Durham, NC, but Coalition activities extend throughout the state via the Western North Carolina Coalition for a Moratorium and the Eastern North Carolina Coalition for a Moratorium. 

The campaign is non-partisan and membership includes both Democrats and Republicans. The coalition encompasses all North Carolinians committed to reforming the death penalty in our state.  Members include attorneys, politicians, faith communities, non-profit social organizations dedicated to criminal justice reform, victim's rights, restorative justice, et al. 

A broad cross section of North Carolinians support a moratorium. Polling suggests that North Carolinians support a moratorium by a more than two to one margin.  Thirty-five local governments, more than one thousand businesses, congregations, civic groups and organizations, and more than forty thousand individual North Carolinians have signed moratorium petitions.  Nine former NC Supreme Court Justice have endorsed a moratorium as have every major newspaper in the state.

While some members of the Coalition may approach the issue as abolitionists, many feel that if North Carolina is going to have an active death penalty, every effort must be made to eliminate the arbitrariness, racial disparities, hidden evidence and classist approach that has characterized NC's death penalty since it's inception.  The exoneration of three individuals from NC's Death Row in 2008 has only further highlighted the need for real reform of capital punishment in North Carolina.